Emma & Will

I am so blessed..
Emma & Will are one of the loveliest couples I have ever met.
I adore the way they look at each other, its as if they just met yesterday.

Their wedding was in the beautiful garden of Whitehaven Receptions.
The day was perfect.

I surprised them with their wedding album just in time for christmas and they
had also brought me a surprise thank you gift of a golden book diary which I commented
on the first time I met Emma!

I actually felt a tiny bit sad as I was getting used to catching up with
these guys regularly! They used to order hot chocolates on our first meeting
but by our last meeting, Will advised me that they may even order coffee ( yay!)

Love these guys. Wish them all the best!

PS their wedding invitations are based on their engagement session ( titled ‘red and blue’ )

Love is in the air….

Jess & Kane, I can’t help but adore this couple, I feel like as their wedding photographer,
I have been invited into their journey…. we even had banana pancakes for a catch up recently!

I found a cute little spot that I thought would be perfect to capture them.
As I was shooting their engagement session, I hardly
had to give them any directions, they are just So in love….
I told them that looking at them would make anyone want to get married!

PS Notice the handmade red oriental shoes Jess got from Hong Kong!!!! Just stunning!